Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Count Your Rainbows

Good Morning. Sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. Our friend in Texas grows pecans, and he sends us the rejects for the squirrels. I crack them open with a nutcracker before throwing them out for them because if I put them out whole, they run and bury them. I was sitting by the
bay window watching them gobble up those nuts this morning (three of them) and it was also a contest to see who could get the most and eat them the fastest. So darn cute. In between, the little finches were coming to the feeder and for stale bread I had put out. I love to watch the birds in the birdbath too, they are so funny. They all get around the rim and one goes in the middle and does this dance to get wet then shakes. Reminds me of the dance floor at some wedding receptions I've been to after folks have a couple of drinks. Today's card is a stamp by Magenta, one of my favorite companies. I stamped on glossy paper. The word stamp is by Inkadinkado. Enjoy your Wednesday. Leave a comment if you can. Thanks for stopping by.
Until later..........

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Lorraine A said...

Fab card Sue but you should be a writer too !! I am really laughing here, imagining the birds in the bath doing the funky chicken lol. I do miss the squirrels, I used to have them in my garden in the UK and used to make obstacle courses for them, it was so funny watching them figure out how to get the nuts ! They always managed it :-)

Lorraine x x