Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspire Award

I received this charming blog award from Martha Kay, and I couldn't be more pleased. I love the word inspire. I love when I teach a class or show someone something new with papercrafts and rubber stamping, how excited they get and how they can't wait to get home and expand on an idea. I remember having two young women who were just starting their journey in papercrafts, in a class I taught and just in conversation I mentioned that I had learned this technique I was showing them at a class I took at a convention in Akron, Ohio (Adventures in Stamping) . They were seated next to each other and they turned to look one another in the eye and one said "they have conventions"!!!!!!

So, with instructions to pass this award to people who inspire me, I do just that as follows:

Priscilla of

Priscilla is the originator of the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. Which in and of itself would keep the average person busy, but she also has two small children, sells Stampin Up, is constantly coming up with new ideas to keep the challenge fun and exciting and is always there with a wonderful comment on your blog when you post your card each week. Always encouraging and generous with praise for your efforts. And, she makes beautiful art each week along with her design team. Priscilla, YOU inspire me.

Kellie Winnell of

Kellie is my new Austrailian blog friend and the originator of the Magnolia Down Under Challenge. And she has recently started another challenge. She also has children, sells Stampin Up, gets sponsors for the challenges, comes up with the ideas for the challenges, and is always right there when you post a card to the challenge with a glowing comment on your entry. She also takes part with the design team each week with a wonderful Magnolia creation for everyone's inspiration. And I have already caught on to a great sense of humor! I don't know how you do it all. Kellie, YOU inspire me.

Stephanne of

Stephanne is a young woman whom I met blogging. The first time I went to her blog to look at a card she had posted on a challenge, the description of the card was full of negatives about how she wasn't a very good colorer, etc. Well, friend your confidence and your work have grown so since that first day I visited you. Your cards are amazing. You are always there to sing my praises on every post I make. Stephanie, YOU inspire me.

Julia of

I also met Julia through blogging. Julia takes part in more challenges than anyone I know. And she does it well. I especially love the ones she does for the movie challenge on PCP, always interesting and thought provoking. You go girl. Julia, YOU inspire me.


Priscilla said...

Sue thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really touched me with this award. I am going to share it with my whole team because with out them..there would be no Midnight Madness Blog :)

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Thank you Priscilla for all you do at Midnight Madness and those three women I have yet to meet. All that energy and creativity do really inspire me (and sometimes makes me tired!).

How sweet of you Sue to award this to Priscilla, Kellie, Stephanie, and Julia..

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I want to praise you for this post and the giving of these awards. You did an exceptional job and spent much effort awarding them and have made awesome selections. These girls are very exceptional and inspiring. As a MM design team member, I can relate to the endless amount of energy Priscilla puts into her blog and challenge. I have also taken part in the Magnolia Down Under challenge and have visited Julia's exceptional blog! A post well done!! Now to surf your blog for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Phyllis said...

Well I can't speak for the other ladies but PRISCILLA is a crazy woman when it comes to the Midnight Madness, she never tires and is always thinking planning and doing something for MMSC. It is all I can do to get one simple card done each week and she does those magnificant pieces of art that are breathtaking along with all of her other duties and then there are two toddlers and a hubby, house etc. Amazing person. You are so very kind to single out the ladies for your wonderful award. I know Priscilla deserves it!! We appreciate you playing with us each week, thanks.

Phyllis PROUD MMDesign Team member

Kellie said...

Sue thank you so much, this is the prefect start to a day. Not only to get an award, but for the lovely comment and detail you went in giving the award. To receive an award from someone so inspiring themselves is an honor and one I will wear proudly. Thank you so much Sue, you melted my heart, so sweet xx

stephanne said...

Sue, this post is so lovely and thoughtful. You've picked some very lovely ladies and everything you've said is oh so true. You know, I wasn't aware of how "unprofessional" blogging negativities can come off as, I keep the pouts to myself these days, haha, but thanks for sticking with me through the beginning of my creative journey. I've loved getting to know you, and will continue to sing Sue praises. Thanks for the award, dear pal.

scrapperjulia said...

Thanks so much Sue, this was a very thoughtful and sweet post. The other ladies that you picked inspire me also as well as you! You amaze me with your talent and your kind comments. It is so nice to have you as a blogging friend!

Priscilla said...

Just so you know...I posted my award here
now that my blog is a challenge blog, I have just added them to this one post. Thank you again so much and If I ever find the time, i will spead the out to others. Thank you again for kind words :)