Monday, September 2, 2013

My Blog is Back!

Just when I had given up hope of ever getting my blog back, it magically reappeared.
No word from Goggle, I just happend to hit the wrong name on my favorites and my old blog popped up to my complete surprise, anyway, I have posted the House Mouse Midweek reminder here and my Buffalo Stamps and Stuff Monday Idea is on my temporary blog for Monday. 
Thanks for all your kind notes and let's hope I am here to stay!


Sue from Oregon said...

I bet you are doing the happy dance! You could always copy your posts from your new blog and transfer them to this blog! I am tickled for you!

Dorte said...
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Dorte said...

Great news on a Monday morning, Sue,
hugs Dorte

Donna Hanley said...

Well glad to see the got straightened out for you and mostly for us who love to follow your blog and your beautiful creations. Enjoy the holiday.

Donna Ellis said...

that must have been harrowing, Sue! So glad it magically reappeared! hugs, de

Dora said...

helle Sue,
so nice that you got your blog back. I was looking and....I am so happy for you that it all oké now.
have a nice day!