Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hi blogging friends.  Well our two foot plus snow is gone.  With warm temps, the sun coming
out, and rain all night and all morning, it has just disappeared.  So ready for spring, even
though we have had a mild winter here.

On February 3rd, five girlfriends I went to school with met for lunch as we
do about every two months.  One of the girls is a lifelong friend, and we worked
side by side in her Accounting business for 30 years before retiring.  We finished
a lovely lunch and agreed we needed to get together again soon.

The next day, my best friends sister called me to tell me that while we
were enjoying a lovely lunch my friends house had a terrible fire and all
was lost.  She had worked for ten years to get the house just like she wanted it
and at lunch that day, she remarked that she was just going to enjoy her garden (big
vegetable garden), her bees (she keeps bees for honey) and her chickens and rabbits.

Of course we were all devastated for her.  It turns out that the battery in her
 laptop computer had started the fire.

She celebrated a big birthday in January and had a big celebration.  For a gift,
I had made 50 cards for her.  She loved them and was so happy to get them.
Well, as I said, all was lost.  So I am making more cards for her as she sorts through
all the paper work and deals with the insurance companies involved in
settling with her so she can move on. She is a strong woman,
 but this has really rocked her world. None of us can image losing everything
we ever had in a lifetime, just like that.

So,  I thought I would share some of them
with you as I go along.

I'm making cards that can be mailed for standard postage.  I found this
cupcake image on Pinterest.  The card is for her daughter for her birthday.
Her daughter is my Godchild, and she loves sunflowers.  Word stamps are
by Kitchen Sink Stamps.  

If you made it this far, thanks for listening.....


Sue said...

Hi Sue, That is so sad about your friends house. The worse thing will be the things she can't replace like photos. Sending her heaps of positive thoughts.

Love the card.

Hope you have a nice day. Sue

Donna Ellis said...

Sue, your card is beautiful - who would not love it? I have fallen in love with the image, and tried to locate it on Pinterest, but could not find it. You have colored it BEAUTIFULLY - such loveliness.

I'm sad for your friend. I was reading your post thinking how wonderful it would be to still live near friends from high school. Nothing compares to life-long friendship. Then I read that her house caught fire from her laptop. There are several recalls for that issue, and it is scary. It could have happened in the middle of the night, or when someone was sitting at it.

But the devastation of losing a home to fire is beyond comparison - it is soul wrenching, and leaves the community feeling helpless in striving to help the fire's victims. It's so nice of you to help out in a personal way. My prayers are with her.


KarinsArtScrap said...

what a gorgeous card Sue, great colours.
Gr Karin

cotnob said...

A beautiful card Sue, such a lovely image and pretty colours.
So sad for your friend, I can't imagine loosing everything.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Patti J said...

Thank you, Sue. You are always doing kind things for others, and I know that your friend will appreciate your beautiful card for her daughter. Please give her friend my most sincere cyber hugs. I do know what she is going through. In 1980, we lost our home, and everything in it. I was pregnant with Melissa at the time, and the situation nearly caused me to lose her too. My husband was home when the fire began, and was burned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body. He was hospitalized a long while. I still think about photos, furniture, jewelry, etc., but God took care of us, and in the end, those 'things' just didn't matter. I'll be praying for your friend - she has a lot of insurance paperwork, housing turmoil, and clean-up to do, so she will be on the top of my prayer list for a long time to come! God bless you, for all you do!