Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm in a halloween blitz. Had bought some new Halloween stamps, so they were calling my name! I cleaned the stamp room today and finally got to a point where I could run the vacuum cleaner and dust. I haven't seen this much of the table in months. I still have a pile of stamps on the table that are new, and I never put stamps away until I use them at least once! Got this stamp at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff on Saturday. It's so funny. We mix equal amounts of candy corn and salted cocktail nuts together in a candy dish........delish. Even people who don't like candy corn like it this way, it's the sweet and salty thing. Try it! Have been doing this every Halloween season since a visit years ago from my friend Clara from Texas in the fall.

Tomorrow, Megan and Mike are sleeping over and Megan is going to make cards in the stamp room with me. Hope your Friday is great.

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