Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beautiful Buck

Hi again. Today is opening season in New York State for hunting deer with a shotgun. I have mixed feelings, as I had a mother who hunted along side my Dad and cooked venison (we kids didn't like it). But, because I live in the city and we have a small herd of deer who still live here and frequent our bird feeder all winter, it is hard to look at these beautiful animals and picture shooting one of them. They do bait and shoot in our city in October of every year because the herd can't sustain itself anymore because of rapidly disappearing open space. So I understand the logistics of hunting, it's my heart that won't go along with it. Anyway, the card for today is
a beautiful buck by Serendipity Stamps and the birch trees on the front are by Northwoods Stamp Co. The circle in the stamp was removed and the deer was stamped on a separate piece of paper and mounted behind the circle when completed. I made a paper insert for the inside of the card to hide the cut out of the deer. Have a great Saturday. Until later.......

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Lori said...

Beautiful card! And the reminder of Helen with a gun! LOL! I forgot Grandma hunted! I could tell you a horror story of a snapping turtle in the back of the 50-50 mobile, on a backroad! Gave me nightmares for years!!!!