Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thomas Kinkade Decorated Glass Block

Hello. Our stamp club decorated glass blocks for Christmas, but I wasn't able to attend after I went and got all the stuff to do it. So tonight, I put it together. I think it turned out nice. The paper is from Cornish Heritage Farms, and is of course, Thomas Kinkade. By putting one light bulb on a cord (like you use in Christmas village houses), into the glass block, the light is concentrated on the house and it looks like his pictures actually do!. To finish it, I tied a wired ribbon around the glass block and made a matching bow to attach. The small snowflake and rhinestone finsihed it off. Weather is supposed to turn for the worse tomorrow and they are calling for snow all week! I guess I better find my winter boots, coat and gloves and scarf tomorrow! Until later....


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I'm trying to make one, but having a hard time with the light staying where I want it. How did you get your to stay in place that high?

Carole' said...

Hi Sue
I really love your glass block - it is just stunning!
I have a question for you, how did you adhere the paper to the block?
Thanks so much for sharing

Carole'Anne said...

Sorry I hit Return to fast - oops my name is Carole'Anne
and my email is:, sorry it's not just Carol - just still have the question of how you adhered the paper - HE HE I am sorry I was trying to go tooooo fast!

Cris said...

I love this Kinkade glass block...I would love to see instructions on how to do it!