Friday, February 25, 2011


At least one member of the family likes this continuing snow!
You can hardly tell the front from the back in this shot!

She heard the kids next door playing outside, wanted to join them for a romp in the snow!
She's up to her knees in the snow that fell today (do dogs have knees?)

She finally gave me the time of day with this shot.  I had been calling her name so I could take a picture and she just kept ignoring it's like WHAT?
Maybe if we all had a fur coat like her, we would all love going out for a play in the snow and cold!!

Hugs, Sue and Keeley


Lorraine A said...

aww,, very cute photo's Sue :) she has more important romping to do ,, she doesn't want to have to pose for the camera:-)

Lols x x x

Renkata said...

Very pretty snow and pic. of Kelly,
she is enjoying herself.

froebelsternchen said...

wonderful photo's Sue!

Caroljenks said...

Hi Sue :) Gorgeous pics - I did laugh at your comment about telling the difference between the front and the back! And as far as dogs having knees - I think they do so they know how far to pull their socks up!

Off for a catch up of your fabby blog :)

Carol x