Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Weekend

Hi friends.  We have had a busy weekend.  First it started snowing Friday Morning and didn't stop until we had about 13 inches on the ground.  It sure looked pretty if you didn't have to go out in it.

Our puppy loves the snow.  She sticks her nose down in it and runs through the highest drifts in the backyard like a deer.  Hard to get her in, she just wants to play in it.

Snow much fun!

My daughter Heidi and my Grandson Mike playing with her in the snow.
She is getting so big, 9 months old in two days!
Secondly, my hubby had an emergency apendectomy on Friday.  We spent the entire day in the emergency room, waiting for tests and scans.  We went in at 10am and surgery was at 6:15PM.
He has a VERY HIGH tolerance for pain.  He did not have any of the classic symptoms, vomiting and fever, just a slight pain in his side.  But, he had had apendisitis 33 years ago, but it went away and they decided not to operate.  Anyway, it's done, four small holes and he came home from the hospital around noon today.  And guess what.....he is at the Hockey Game tonight with my daughter and her family!!!!!!!!!  They got the tickets as soon as the walkout was over.  He was telling the doctor this morning that he was so disappointed that he couldn't go....and the doctor said, if you feel well enough to go you can!  I'm sure tomorrow he will be exhausted and will want to rest, but
do you believe this man!!!
Well, that's my weekend.  Wish I had pictures of me digging my car out when I came out of the
hospital on Friday night at around 9 pm.  It looked like a loaf of bread, you couldn't even see the car.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  Tomorrow is House Mouse Monday, and I have a fun card for you, and my local stamp store post also with a cute card idea.
Thanks for stopping by.  Looking forward to normalcy this week!!  Until later........


Donna Hanley said...

Wow What a weekend you had. I'm so glad Hubby is all right now. While you are describing him, I was thinking you were married to my Hubby. The sound identical. Look at the baby, Keeya. She is having so much fun. So beautiful. I hope this week slows down for you a bit. We got 28 inches and I haven't seen Hubby because he works for the Electric Company. Shoveling is going very, very slow at my house. Stay safe.

Glenda Atkins said...

Hope all is well with the hubby and he is progressing OK after the hockey game, men - can you believe them:O). Isn't it wonderful how they can operate these days with so little damage done!

Dora said...

hello Sue,
your pictures about your dog, looks so nice to see. in the horses find snow fun for 15 minutes and than they stand by the fence for....let me go back to te stable..haha
but about your a high pain tolerance, yes...than can you not miss the game, right!! haha

scrapperjulia said...

I have been thinking about you, Sue and wondering how you faired with all of the snow. So sorry your husband had appendicitis in all of it! So glad everything turned out OK and he could even make a hockey game! Love the pictures of your puppy in the snow. Stay warm my friend!