Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Very Special Gift

Hi friends.  Just sharing a very special gift from a dear Blogging Friends of mine.

Recently, Dora, my friend in the Netherlands, opened her own shop selling digi's she designs.
Dora is a very talented artist, and I was fortunate enough to have been asked by her to
make a card with one of her digi's for the Grand Opening of her shop.

I was writing to her that we owned a Keeshond, which is the National dog of the Netherlands, and I would love it if she could make me a digi of my dog.  I sent her pictures and
the history of the dog, since she had not ever heard of this. (More info than she ever wanted to know)

Well, shortly after all this transpired, I opened my email to find a beautiful digi of our girl Keeya.

I finally had a chance to color it up, (this is actually my second time coloring it, the first one didn't go so well).  It looks just like her. .

I cannot thank Dora enough for doing this for me, such a talented and sweet friend.  Hope you like what I did with your art, Dora.

Our Keeya

I colored with Lyra Rembrandt colored pencils
Sponged color on the background with
distress inks.
I made the card girly, because Keeya is such a girly girl.

Thanks for looking.  Have a great day.  Until later.........


Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Sue how lucky to have such a talented friend your Keeya looks adorable
Dr Sonia

Donna Ellis said...

Lovely new blog topper, Sue! Your card is beautifully done, but more, it is the sweetness of your international friend which warms my heart. How fantastic! By the way, not only is your card gorgeous, but so is your amazing fur child! Hugs, de

Donna Hanley said...

Wow what a great, very talented friend you have. I love the actual picture and the digi form of Keeya. You did a remarkable job with your coloring. The sponging really helps to bring that beautiful face out. Be sure to let us know when the grand opening will be. Have a good evening.

Dora said...

Hello Sue,

Finally I can look at your message.
For the past 10 days I have no internet. I have limited internet.
So today, New month and a new downloads.
What great what you have doing with this digi! Difficult is to colourize the fur.Beautifully done, my friend. I love how you can work with my digi's. Your dog is so beautiful also beautiful card have you made with it. You know that I draw this digi so many times.
Thank you that you find the digi pretty. Have lots of fun with it.
Thank you that you find me talented, but I do not feel that way. There are so many people that draw so much better.
Have a very nice day.

For the card by the house mouse challenge as a guest, That will I put on my blog on monday.

Kind regards, Dora