Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi, Look who else just finished up in the bird feeder. They cleaned it out, clean as a whistle!

There were five in all and they look at you like, "do you have anything else?" The dog alerts us that they are here, but they just look at the dog in the window barking her head off and then go about their business.

Today's card is a new stamp by Great Impressions. The sentiment is by Stampendous. Time to get those yard boots on and get out in the yard and start cleaning up. Hoping Thursday there will be some sun. Can't wait to get the pump back into the pond and start the waterfall back up.

Fish have come to the surface and are swimming around like crazy. I counted all of them the other day, including two really small ones that were born late in the summer. Always amazes me that they can survive the ice and cold all those months.

I am off at noon to celebrate my last April 15th with the girls at work, today is my last day. More time to stamp, Yahoo. Until later................

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Lorraine A said...

Hi Sue, love your card !! :-) The boots and bird image are gorgeous! Lovely layout too and the pearls look fab :-)
What fantastic photo, the view is fabulous and to have wildlife on your doorstep is just superb !! I'm coming to live with you :-)
Did I understand right ? you're retiring today ? ( or yesterday ) ?? ooh if so i look forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations, starting with the Funky fairy and Simon says challenges ha ha ha
my sister and daughter had a fantastic time in NY, unfortunaltely me & Amy couldn t join them because of exams, but even so I think the cold would have killed me, I am living in warmer climes now !!!!

Anyway i think i've rambled enough, maybe I should have sent an email instead ha ha !! :-)

Lorraine x x