Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year's costumes!! Michael is Luigi from Mario Bros. fame and Megan is a hippy (Nana's generation) He has a blow up belly and was having second thoughts this morning, that the kids would laugh at him. But, you can see that he got into it after he loosened up. Megan has always loved her picture taken and hams it up for the camera. They were full of stories about what everyone came as in school. Michael is just coming off the flu and he took the costume off and was laying on the loveseat and fell asleep for a couple hours! Of course, they can't wait for tonight and the "getting of the candy and treats". Happy Halloween Everyone.


Unknown said...

Awesome costumes Sue! The kids look fantastic!
Alicia xx

scrapperjulia said...

You have really cute grandchildren, Sue. Looks like thay are having a great time!

Ineke Original said...

Great pictures! I love them!

froebelsternchen said...

Happy Halloween Sue!
Have a nice weekend!
hugs Susi

stephanne said...

That dirty hippie doesn't have special brownies in that TupperWare, does she??? Hahaha!! Awww, they look great!! I hope Michael got all the rest he needed to prepare for tonight!! Say, did the postman drop something from Wichita into your box yet?

Caroljenks said...

Great pictures Sue - they both look fab! Hope they had a great evening too.

Carol x