Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello, thanks for stopping by for a peek. Michael came at supper time today and slept over, so that his Mom and Megan could attend a dinner for the American Girl Show, which is a fund raiser for our Women's and Children's hospital here in Buffalo. Megan modeled one of the dolls outfits last year, but has grown too tall to be a model, so she is one of the hostesses this year. They greet people, help the little ones on and off the stage and run the raffle winners prizes out to the audience. The dinner tonight is an appreciation dinner for their efforts to get pledges. Each girl's name is called and the amount that they collected is announced. She was very excited and when I was at their house this morning, she was getting her doll all dressed up to attend. He was equally excited to spend the evening with Rick and I while they went, so everyone was happy. Today's card is a small part of a larger image of a house mouse looking for that lucky four leaf clover. Hope you had a good Friday (the 13th!). Until later.....

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Even more beautiful than yesterday's!!