Monday, March 2, 2009

Sachet Packets

The surgery is over and the doctor is satisfied that the repair went well. It's a long recovery, and he is in a lot of pain. Rick is overnighting at the hospital for pain managment. If he can manage the pain with pills, he can come home tomorrow. His arm is immobilized from the shoulder to the elbow against his body and then at the wrist on a band around his belly. They did get him up and sit him in a chair late today, and he did eat a little something, but mostly slept. He is counting on being able to come home tomorrow!!!

These darling little sachet packets were made from a stamp set! My stampin friend Cathy in Arizona sent the set to me. It has a stamp for the envelope, four stamps for the pictures on the envelopes, and four label stamps, bubble bath, seeds, bath salts, and sachet. Didn't they turn out cute, and what a nice little item to slip into a card. Thank you Cathy, I love them and they turned out so cute. Going to shower and go to bed now, long day. Until later.......

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